2 August 2018: Regression equations updated. Developmental dataset includes forecasts from 2011-2017.

2 August 2018: Website updated. New navigation bar. Consensus guidance now appears on homepage. Overview graphics discontinued.

6 June 2018: 6-hourly consensus guidance implmented. All consensus guidance will be generated with the most recently available model cycle. For example, the 12Z guidance will be generated from the 12Z GFS, UKM, and CMC. The 18Z guidance will be generated from the 18Z GFS and the 12Z UKM and CMC.

8 May 2018: New consensus tracker implemented. Forecast TCs now matched by forecast genesis time and location. Consensus guidance no longer needs information from all three models in order to generate a genesis probability. Graphic now shows the forecast genesis categorical probability and location from each individual model that makes up a consensus probability.

2017: Guidance extended to the Central Pacific basin. The regression equations are the same that are used over the Eastern Pacific basin.