Recent Updates

20 June 2022: Product Description page updated.

17 June 2022: Manual consensus probability calculator added to the bottom of each individual model graphics page.

14 June 2022: Regression equations updated. Developmental dataset includes forecasts from 2015-2021.

14 June 2022: TC history text pages for individual model ouptut fixed; TC history text pages for consensus model output added.

25 May 2022: Consensus probability graphics now include unweighted mean forecast genesis time from individual models (regular font) as well as unweighted mean most likely time of genesis from individual models (italic font).

24 May 2022: TCLOGG now uses publicly available high-resolution data from ECMWF to generate ECMWF-based products. As a result, ECMWF-based guidance and 5-model consensus guidance is now publicly available.