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Web Pages Locally Produced:

Much of the research our group produces has operational/forecasting benefits, if not also practical research benefits. Accordingly, there are numerous webpages that have been produced here to apply or communicate the research products/results:

USA ASOS METAR Monthly precip plots
Global Tropical Cyclones ACE as forecast by operational models
Normalized GFS Ensenble Spread for TC Guidance
TC Genesis Guidance Based on Model Climatology
Climatological risk of TC genesis for current disturbances
Historical & current tropical cyclone landfall risk
Cyclone Phase Analysis and Forecasting
Tropical Cyclogenesis Model Output

Additionally, many of the very popular web pages developed while Hart was a student at Penn State Univ. (or developed while at FSU but not related to funded research) are now at or remain at PSU:

Current global record temperatures
Current global weather extrema
HighRes Ptype output from NAM, GFS
Ensemble output
Atmospheric Rarity: Historical, current, and forecast
Eta, GFS, NGM, Ruc Hourly Model Time Series
Internet-User Weather Observations
Decoded Offshore Weather Observations
Hourly U.S. Weather Statistics
Real-time Mesoscale Weather Analyses

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