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My research interests are quite diverse and have evolved over my career. My M.S. research examined the use of (then new) mesoscale model output (in particular model forecast soundings) to provide guidance on particularly difficult to forecast high impact weather (non-convective high wind gusts, clear-air turbulance, fog, icing events, and CSI banding). My Ph.D. research examined extratropical transition of tropical cyclones, the process by which tropical cyclones undergo structural and predictability change as they interact with a baroclinic environment. This work also lead to a generalization of cyclone structure into a continuum ("cyclone phase space") that has been embraced by the forecasting and research community. Since arriving at FSU, my research has expanded into short-term tropical cyclone intensity and structure change, TC genesis processes and forecasting, and the role of tropical cyclones in the climate system. A generalized list of research interests (not complete) is given below. Don't hesitate to contact me if you seek more detail or information.

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