Meteorology / Atmos. Science
Academic Family Tree

Robert Hart1 and Josh Cossuth2
1Department of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Science, FSU

Photos above (L-R): C. Rossby, H. Riehl, J. Simpson, J. Charney, P. Austin, S. Syono, Sir B. J. Mason, V. Bjerknes

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Below is an automated listing of the additions, deletions, and updates to the tree in chronological order since the BAMS paper was published:

23 Jul 2022

Added     Bradley C. Diehl
Added     Daniel L. Cadet
Added     Samuel H. Houston
Added     Skip Rigney
Added     Steven Greco

07 Jul 2022

Added     Carl Sumner Shoup
Added     Edwin Robert Anderson Seligman
Added     Jacques H. Dreze
Added     James A. Hansen
Deleted   Jim Hansen
Added     John William Burgess
Added     Michel Mouchart
Added     Robert Murray Haig
Added     Ukichiro Nakaya
Deleted   Ukitiro Nakaya
Added     William Spencer Vickrey
Added     Zyungo Yosida
Updated  Choji Magono
Updated  Chris J. Merchant
Updated  Daniela Cocchi
Updated  Daniel Gombos
Updated  Gorow Wakahama
Updated  Jonathan Moskaitis
Updated  Takashi Sasamori
Updated  Teisaku Kobayashi
Updated  Vikram Khade
Updated  William J. Parton, Jr.

23 Jun 2022

Updated  Jiu-Zhang Zhao

13 Jun 2022

Added     Hiroyuki Murakami
Deleted   Hiroyuki Murkami
Updated  Jonathan Lin
Updated  Rohini Shivamoggi
Updated  Sydney Sroka

16 May 2022

Added     Alexandre M. Bayen
Added     Catherine L. Stauffer
Added     Chantal Rivest
Added     Charles Auguste Desoer
Added     Claire Jennifer Tomlin
Added     Daniel Gombos
Added     Dennis Boccippio
Added     Francoise Robe
Added     Hao-Yu Derek Chang
Added     Jim Hansen
Added     Jonathan Lin
Added     Jon Woodruff
Added     Justin P. Stow
Added     Lars Schade
Added     Marilyn Wolfson
Added     Mark Handel
Added     Morgan B. Bell
Added     Nilton Renno
Added     Peter H. Stone
Added     Phil Lane
Added     Raphael Rousseau-Rizzi
Added     Robert Mario Fano
Added     Rohini Shivamoggi
Added     Saurabh Amin
Added     Shangyao Nong
Added     S. Shankar Sastry
Added     Sydney Sroka
Added     Thomas Nehkorn
Added     Tom Beucler
Added     Vikram Khade
Added     Vince Agard
Added     Vince Larson
Updated  John Nielsen-Gammon
Updated  Jonathan Moskaitis

21 Apr 2022

Added     Abraham C. S. van Heel
Deleted   Albert Willis
Added     Albert Wills
Added     Carl R. Oberman
Added     Daniel H. E. Dubin
Added     David A. Schecter
Added     Jan Korringa
Added     John A. Krommes
Added     Ralph de Laer Kronig

25 Mar 2022

Added     Daven Henze
Added     Edwin Kahn Schneider
Added     Ioana Colfescu
Added     James E. Hansen
Added     Jun Y. C. Smith
Added     Richard N. Thomas
Added     Robert C. Bundgaard
Added     Satoshi Matsushima
Added     Walter A. Robinson
Added     Zhen Qu

23 Dec 2021

Added     Alexander Thom
Added     Ana P. Barros
Added     Arthur Rohnisch
Added     Byrne Perry
Added     Dennis P. Lettenmaier
Added     Lars Valerian Ahifors
Added     Paul Roesel Garabedian
Added     Ray K. Linsley
Added     Robert L. Street
Added     Rolf Herman Nevanlinna
Added     Stephen J. Burges
Updated  Chris J. Merchant
Updated  Colin J. Apelt
Updated  Daniela Cocchi
Updated  Erich J. Plate

11 Dec 2021

Added     Catherine Buczek
Added     Chang-Lin Tien
Added     Clarence Linus Cory
Added     Daneisha Blair
Added     Darin Mister
Added     Evan Jones
Added     Ezra E. Takara
Added     Fred Eugene Pernot
Added     Fucheng Yang
Added     Gwen Dmitruk
Added     Lindsay Lawrence
Added     Llewellyn M. K. Boelter
Added     Lloyd Nash Robinson
Added     Michael Porter
Added     Michael Secor
Added     Ralph A. Seban
Added     Robert M. Drake, Jr.
Added     Shangyong Shi
Added     Shao Lee Soo
Added     Shuhang Xue
Added     Walker Whitfield
Added     Walter W. Yuen
Updated  Francois Du Jon, Sr
Updated  Jean-Louis Brenguier
Updated  Kelly Nunez Ocasio
Updated  Lewis D. Kaplan

22 Nov 2021

Added     Charles Alfred Coulson
Added     Christopher Selman
Added     Cornelius Jacobus Gorter
Added     Cristian Martinez-Villalobos
Added     Geert Jan van Oldenborgh
Added     H. Kamerlingh Onnes
Deleted   H. Kamerling Onnes
Added     Hugh Christopher Longuet-Higgins
Added     Jack Smith
Added     James Alfred Steers
Added     Jean August Maria Cox
Added     John E. Lennard-Jones
Added     John-Paul Michael
Added     Jos Vermaseren
Added     Karel Gaemers
Added     Luke Howard
Added     Peter Higgs
Added     Philip Lake
Added     Richard F. Logan
Added     Ryne Noska
Added     Saulo Ribeiro de Freitas
Deleted   Saulo Ribiero de Freitas
Added     Svenn Orvigg
Added     Sybren Ruurds de Groot
Added     Wander Johannes de Haas
Added     Werner H. Terjung
Updated  Ariane Frassoni dos Santos
Updated  A. T. (Dick) Grove
Updated  Cort J. Willmott
Updated  Ewoud van Everdingen
Updated  Fabio Madonna
Updated  Georg von Vega
Updated  John Uehling
Updated  Margie Kieper
Updated  Nicolas Lemery
Updated  Nicolas Louis Vauquelin
Updated  Stefan Pienkowski
Updated  Tsz-Kin Lai

04 Oct 2021

Added     Christopher Collier
Added     Micheal Simpson
Deleted   Neil Fox
Added     Neil I. Fox
Added     Sarah S. Balkissoon
Added     Steve A. Lack

13 Sep 2021

Added     Akihiro Hashimoto
Added     Czeslaw Bialobrzeski
Deleted   Edmond Bouty
Deleted   Edmond Rothe
Deleted   Jules Jamin
Added     Paul Langevin
Added     Pierre Curie
Updated  Teodor Kopcewicz

09 Aug 2021

Added     Gunter Kelbg
Added     Hans Falkenhagen
Added     Werner Ebeling
Updated  Gerhard Schmitz

06 Aug 2021

Added     David R. Bates
Added     Micael Amore Cecchini
Added     Raymond Greer
Updated  Donal Murtagh
Updated  Frank Roux

31 Jul 2021

Added     Andrew Michael Thomas
Added     Chesnea Skeen
Added     Jane Niemeyer
Added     J. Marshall Shepherd
Added     John D. Shewchuk
Deleted   Marshall Shepherd
Added     Samuel Sangster
Added     Shiyan Tao
Added     Thomas Gard
Added     Vance Joyner
Added     William Watson
Added     Xiaopeng Cui
Added     Yongjie Huang
Deleted   Yu Jade Wang
Added     Yu Wang
Updated  Brittany MacNamara
Updated  Heather Roman-Stork
Updated  Shouting Gao

19 Apr 2021

Added     Yu Jade Wang

17 Jan 2021

Added     Cameron R. Homeyer
Added     Daniel B. Phoenix

31 Dec 2020

Added     Thomas Frisius

25 Dec 2020

Added     Adriaan Heereboord
Added     Akinovich
Added     Alexis Claude Clairut
Added     Christoph Jacob Glaser
Added     David Anderson
Added     Francisco Del Aguila Gimenez
Added     Francois Folie
Added     Henricus Regius
Added     Jacques Tossain
Added     Johann Christoph Sturm
Added     Johannes de Raey
Added     Johannes Heurnius
Added     Leon Rosenfeld
Added     Louis Michel
Added     Manuel Garcia Doncel
Added     Marcel Dehalu
Added     Otto Heurnius
Added     Petrus Molinaeus
Added     Petrus Ramus
Added     Pierre Louis Maupertuis
Updated  Guillaume Bude
Updated  Josep Abel Gonzalez Gutierrez
Updated  Karl Ludwig Nitzsch
Updated  Karl Schutz
Updated  Nicolas Lemery
Updated  Paolo dal Pozzo Toscanelli
Updated  Pierre Charles Le Monnier
Updated  Vassil Andreev
Updated  Victor G. Gorshkov

24 Dec 2020

Added     Antonio Scarpa
Added     Antonio Valsalva
Added     Christopher Wren
Added     Giacomo Della Torre da Forli
Added     Giovan Battista Morgagni
Added     Giovanni Alfonso Borelli
Added     Ignaz Dollinger
Added     Johann Lukas Schonlein
Added     John Flamstead
Deleted   Kimberly A Reed
Added     Kimberly A. Reed
Added     Marcello Malpighi
Added     Michele Savonarola
Added     Nicole Oresme
Added     Robert Boyle
Added     Robert Hooke
Added     William Oughtred
Updated  Allison Brannan
Updated  Edmond Halley
Updated  Gregory Chioniadis
Updated  Heinrich von Langenstein
Updated  Johann Gottlob Spitzley
Updated  Kamal al Din Ibn Yunus
Updated  Nicoletto Vernia
Updated  Pietro Roccabonella
Updated  Rudolph Wagner
Updated  Sigismondo Polcastro
Updated  Thomas Cranmer
Updated  William Sharpey

19 Dec 2020

Added     Alicia Klees
Added     Charles Bowen
Added     Erno Meszaros
Added     Jason Levit
Added     Joseph G. Sela
Added     Patrick D. Moore
Added     Stanley J. Jacobs
Added     Tamas Prager
Added     Yibing Xie
Deleted   Yi-Ping Hsieh
Updated  Bolin Zhao
Updated  Istvan Geresdi
Updated  Tamas I. Gombosi

17 Dec 2020

Added     Susanna Hopsch
Added     Wenhao Dong
Added     Xi Zhao
Added     Yi Qin
Updated  Benjamin Pulleyn
Updated  Mark Nissenbaum

15 Dec 2020

Added     Ashley Sears
Added     Christopher J. Anderson
Added     Daniel Barrie
Added     Daniel Kirk-Davidoff
Added     David Stark
Added     Evan Kuchera
Added     James Correia, Jr.
Added     John Murray
Added     John R. Christy
Added     Joseph Pollina
Added     Kelly Mahoney
Added     Kyle E. Fitch
Added     Kyle MacRitchie
Added     Lisa Murphy Goes
Added     Matthew Jones
Added     Matthew Sienkiewicz
Added     Matthew Souders
Added     May Wong
Added     Michael Charles
Added     Nathan Korfe
Added     Nicholas Leonardo
Added     Ryan Connelly
Added     Sara Ganetis
Added     Thomas M. Graziano
Added     Tom DiLiberto
Added     Zackary Taylor
Added     Zhenhai Zhang
Updated  Gill Martin
Updated  Stefan Cecelski

06 Sep 2020

Added     Mikdat Kadioglu
Added     Mustafa Coskun
Added     Stephen E. Mudrick

28 Aug 2020

Added     Ali Deniz
Added     Bahtiyar Efe
Added     Fred Soster

05 Jun 2020

Added     Alec Mau
Added     Alexander Donato
Added     Amanda Sava
Added     Brian Mackey
Added     Jerry Kung
Added     Jiaxin Feng
Added     Jie Sun
Added     Rosie Howard
Added     William Curtis
Updated  Istvan Geresdi
Updated  Jon Christophersen
Updated  Robert West

28 Feb 2020

Added     Adrian Overton Pickersgill
Added     Andrew Arthur White
Added     Brian Kenneth Blaylock
Added     Cort J. Willmott
Added     David R. Legates
Added     Fatayi Babatunde Akanni Giwa
Added     Francis Howard Berkshire
Added     Francis William George Warren
Added     Glenn John Shutts
Added     Howard Cattle
Added     Ian David Kane
Added     Jillian Francis Austin
Added     John Morgan Richards
Added     John Roy Garratt
Added     Joseph Adesola Adedokun
Added     J. Richard Probert-Jones
Added     Kenneth Bignell
Added     Mario Francisco Figueira
Added     Mark Pryde Paterson
Added     Martin Johnson
Added     Nigel Leonard Hubert Wood
Added     Peter A. Saunders
Added     Peter Michael Saunders
Added     Peter Robert Rowntree
Deleted   Peter Saunders
Added     Robert S. Webb
Added     Roger William Saunders
Added     Stephen John Reid
Added     Stephen Michael Grove
Added     Thompson Webb, III
Deleted   Thompson Web III
Added     William Charles Macklin
Updated  Jeffrey P. Donnelly
Updated  John S. A. Green
Updated  Mitchell W. Moncrieff
Updated  Richard J. Harding
Updated  Robert P. Pearce

07 Feb 2020

Added     Anthony W. Lewis
Added     Clemens Simmer
Added     Gary Grunseich
Added     J. F. R. (Robin) McIlveen
Deleted   Maurice B. Banard
Added     Maximilian Maahn
Added     Peter D. Tyson
Added     Robert Arthur Preston-Whyte
Added     Ronald John Davies
Added     Ulrich Loehnert
Updated  Donald R. Fitzgerald
Updated  Hukum S. Rathor
Updated  Lloyd R. Koenig
Updated  Robert B. Gagosian
Updated  Stuart Piketh
Updated  Thomas W. Flattery
Updated  Yan Delaure

31 Jan 2020

Added     Alfred Ehmert
Added     Bill Sjoberg
Added     Erich Regener
Added     Hans-Heinrich Voigt
Added     Paul ten Bruggencate
Updated  Peter Fabian

25 Jan 2020

Added     Matthew C. Brown
Added     Rexford Daubenmire
Added     Richard M. Hansen
Added     Robert G. Woodmansee
Deleted   Robert Woodmansee
Added     William H. Moir
Added     William J. Parton, Jr.
Updated  Dennis J. Ojima
Updated  Francis O. Schmitt
Updated  Patrick R. Zimmerman

22 Jan 2020

Added     Alejandro Gutierrez Arce
Added     David Siuta
Added     Gregory West
Added     Hsien-Lang Rose Tseng
Added     Jason Shafer
Added     Omar Nava
Added     Pei-Hua Tan
Added     Peter S. Dailey
Added     Seung Hee Kim
Added     Thomas Nipen
Added     Travis H. Wilson
Added     Wen-wen Tung
Added     Yizhe Peggy Bu

20 Jan 2020

Added     Alan Domaracki
Added     John Przybylowicz
Added     Melinda S. Peng
Added     Shih-Hung Chou
Added     Terrence R. Nathan

18 Jan 2020

Added     Alain Cerf
Added     David Call
Added     Frederic Parol
Added     Jacques Descloitres
Added     James Duncan
Added     James Taeger
Added     Jonathan Foley
Added     Jon Christophersen
Added     Marcia Politovich
Added     Mary Beth Engelman
Added     Max Perron
Added     Michele Vesperini
Added     Peter Snyder
Added     Philippe Dubuisson
Added     Robert West
Added     Ryan Christman
Added     Tracy Twine
Deleted   V. G. Gorshkov
Added     Victor G. Gorshkov
Updated  Anastassia Makarieva
Updated  Gerard Brogniez
Updated  John Bailey
Updated  Vladimir Zeitlin
Updated  Vladislav A. Ivanov

16 Jan 2020

Added     Brian V. Smoliak
Added     Chandan Das
Added     Darren R. Clabo
Added     David J. Delene
Added     Donna V. Kliche
Added     Jacob R. Carley
Added     Jianzhong Wang
Added     John H. Helsdon
Added     Karl A. Lalonde
Added     Kelly B. Wilson
Added     Kevin A. Cooper
Added     Kristofer S. Tuftedal
Added     Mark R. Hjelmfelt
Added     Matthew Tuftedal
Added     Matthew Wunsch
Added     Michael M. French
Added     Parker A. Norton, II
Added     Patrick R. Zimmerman
Added     Paul L. Smith
Added     Richard D. Farley
Added     Richard T. Grimaldi
Added     Robert Woodmansee
Added     Timothy M. (Bull) Bennet
Deleted   Tom Sabbatelli
Added     Tom Sabbatelli-Goodyer
Added     Xingjun Zhang
Updated  Ni Dai

13 Jan 2020

Added     Brian J. Billings
Added     Cindy Bruyere
Added     Daniel Tyndall
Added     David Keith Todd
Added     Douglas P. Boyle
Added     Eric R. Pardyjak
Added     Heather Holmes
Added     John A. Dracup
Added     John Alpheus Putnam
Added     Lindsey Nytes
Added     Michael R. Farrar
Added     Morrough Parker O'Brien
Added     Paul Fremeau
Added     Sheila-Ruth Api Ngu
Added     Soroosh Sorooshian
Added     Stormi Noll
Added     Stuart Piketh
Added     T. Andrew Joyner
Added     Todd Glickman

12 Jan 2020

Added     Jacob Klee
Added     Nicholas R. Bogen

10 Jan 2020

Added     Ho-Hsuan Wei
Added     Lisa Bucci

09 Jan 2020

Added     Catrin Mills
Added     David B. Clarke
Deleted   Felix Exner
Added     Felix Maria Exner
Added     John Walsh
Added     John Weatherly
Added     Rick Lader
Added     Sara Strey
Added     Theodore Bennett
Added     Timothy Shy
Added     Vanda Grubisic
Added     Wei-Ting Chen

08 Jan 2020

Added     Bruce A. Egan
Added     Elfyn John Richards
Added     James R. Mahoney
Added     Jason Godwin
Added     Kurt Hansen
Added     Lisa Bucci
Added     Marcus Van Lier-Walqui
Added     Peter Finocchio
Added     Yi Dai
Updated  John Ffowcs Williams
Updated  Tao Li

31 Dec 2019

Deleted   Carlos Morales
Added     Qiong Zhang
Updated  Carlos Augusto Morales Rodriguez
Updated  Chongyin Li
Updated  Paul A. Vaillancourt
Updated  Saulo Ribiero de Freitas
Updated  Xiuji Zhou

24 Dec 2019

Added     Andy Miller
Added     Brian Haynes
Added     Brittany MacNamara
Added     Danielle Groenen
Added     David R. Vollmer
Added     Erich J. Plate
Added     Ethan Wright
Added     Heather Roman-Stork
Added     Jason Ducker
Added     Jiangmei Li
Added     John Steffen
Added     John Uehling
Added     Mengtao Yin
Added     Ruikai Yan
Added     Russell Glazer
Added     Satya Pal Arya
Added     Sidney King
Added     Sweta Das
Added     Tachanat Bhatrasataponkul
Added     Tyler Fricker
Updated  Bachir Annane

06 Dec 2019

Added     Benjamin Green
Added     Ben S. Pickering
Added     Caitlin Lawrence
Added     Chad Kauffman
Added     Donald E. Martin
Added     Dongqi Lin
Added     Freya Addison
Added     Graham Mann
Added     Hannah C. Barnes
Added     Heather Guy
Added     Jonathan Coney
Added     Joshua Hampton
Added     Kenneth F. Dewey
Added     Ryan R. Neely III
Added     Sarah Shallcross
Added     Tammy M. Weckwerth
Deleted   Tammy Weckwert
Added     Wendy Schreiber-Abshire
Added     Youtong Zheng
Added     Zhanqing Li
Updated  Joseph T. Schaefer
Updated  Randall Cerveny

24 Nov 2019

Added     Alexandra Anderson-Frey
Added     Joshua J. Schroeder

20 Nov 2019

Added     Aaron J. Pina
Added     Chris Melick
Added     Crystal Muniz
Added     David T. Myrick
Added     Dennis J. Ojima
Added     Geneva M. E. Gray
Added     Jennifer Kay
Added     John D. Horel
Added     Joseph T. Schaefer
Added     Kenneth E. Kunkel
Added     Lauren Ballard
Added     Ryan Gonzalez
Added     Stephanie Mullins Wingo
Updated  Lewis Fry Richardson

15 Nov 2019

Added     Ben Kravitz
Added     Brian Zambri
Added     Corey J. Gabriel
Added     David Alan Salstein
Added     John Owen Roads
Added     Lili Xia
Added     Mira Berdahl
Added     Thomas W. Collow

07 Nov 2019

Added     Andrew F. Nagy
Added     Cecil S. Keen
Added     Louis F. Kazda
Added     Norman Balabanian
Added     Paul H. Gross
Added     Sushil K. Atreya
Added     Wilbur Reed LePage
Added     William Abbett Lewis
Updated  Duncan Blanchard
Updated  Henry Leighton
Updated  Isla Simpson
Updated  Sven-Erik Gryning

29 Oct 2019

Added     Adam Hartman
Added     Andrea J. Bleistein
Added     Charles Desmond Walshaw
Added     Duncan Blanchard
Added     Frederick M. Luther
Added     George Warfield
Added     Hui Christophersen
Added     Isla Simpson
Added     Joanna D. Haigh
Deleted   Johannes von Hildesheim
Added     John Killeen
Added     Lorin Blodget
Added     Martin A. Uman
Added     Richard Feynman
Added     Scott Jacobs
Updated  Heinrich von Langenstein
Updated  Henry Bracken
Updated  John Dawson

07 Oct 2019

Deleted   Yuan-Ming Chang
Added     Yuan-Ming Cheng
Updated  Shirley Walter Allen

01 Oct 2019

Added     Roy Gerald Gordon
Deleted   Shirley W. Allen
Added     Shirley Walter Allen
Updated  Josep Abel Gonzalez Gutierrez
Updated  Josep Calbo Angrill
Updated  Joseph Patton
Updated  Matt Onderlinde
Updated  Richard Keith Arnold
Updated  Richard Pearson, Jr.
Updated  Sven-Erik Gryning

28 Sep 2019

Added     Adam Edson
Added     Arthur Becket Lamb
Updated  Gordon McLeod Harris

23 Sep 2019

Added     Alexander V. Ryzhkov
Added     Allison Brannan
Added     Allison Ronan
Added     Brian R. Hunt
Added     Cary J. Mock
Added     Cerese Albers
Added     Charles Wirks
Added     Federico DiCatarina
Added     Gauheer Shaheen
Added     Guosheng Liu
Added     Harvey Fletcher
Added     Herbert E. Wright, Jr.
Added     Holly Nowell
Added     Hongfei Shao
Added     James Clarence Knox
Added     James Donald Lawrence, Jr.
Added     Joachim Herman Joseph
Deleted   Joachim H. Joseph
Added     John Harlim
Added     Joseph Bishop Keller
Added     Joseph Patton
Added     Justin McReynolds
Added     Kurtis Schubeck
Added     Lawrence A. Mysak
Added     Louis-Bruno Tremblay
Added     Matthew Kumjian
Added     Melissa Gervais
Added     Michael Patrick McCormick
Added     Neil E. Salisbury
Added     Patrick J. Bartlein
Added     Ryan Remondelli
Added     Shannon Shields
Added     Yalei You
Added     Yoo-Jeong Noh
Updated  Ilan Koren
Updated  Richard Pearson, Jr.
Updated  Vern O. Knudsen

17 Sep 2019

Added     Bernhard Kliem
Added     Christian Wilhelm Buttner
Added     Florian Pappenberger
Added     Franklyn B. Van Houten
Added     Glenn Lowell Jepsen
Added     Heinrich Georg Bronn
Added     James E. Vance, Jr.
Added     Johann Friedrich Blumenbach
Added     John Campbell Merriam
Added     John Raymond Hope
Added     Karl Alfred von Zittel
Added     Karl Casar von Leonhard
Added     Keith John Beven
Added     Keith Martin Clayton
Added     Kenneth S. Deffeyes
Added     Lee Alvin DuBridge
Added     Martyn J. Bowden
Added     Raymond E. Murphy
Added     Richard H. Dicke
Added     Richard Noble Hey
Added     Ronald J. McTaggart-Cowan
Added     William Jason Morgan
Added     William John Sinclair
Updated  Joerg Schumacher
Updated  Merlin P. Lawson
Updated  Peter C. Manousos

23 Jul 2019

Added     Brad S. Ferrier
Added     Casey Peirano
Added     Charles F. Clement
Added     David Feldman
Added     Hunter Rouse
Added     Jennifer C. DeHart
Added     Joshua Alland
Added     Lionel J. B. Goldfarb
Added     Paul A. M. Dirac
Added     Richard J. Eden
Added     Ronald C. Johnson
Added     Sarah Ditchek
Added     Theodor Rehbock
Added     William N. Lacey
Updated  Anthony Michael Starfield
Updated  Michael Birse
Updated  Robert T. Knapp
Updated  Vaughn E. Hansen

12 Jul 2019

Added     Alan Sealls
Added     Allen M. Larar
Added     Colin J. McAdie
Added     Dorathy Anne Stewart
Added     Michael Moss
Added     Michael Stefan Moss
Deleted   Mike Moss
Added     Robert B. DesJardins
Added     S. Roland Drayson
Added     Stanley N. Slater
Added     Thomas H. R. O'Neill
Updated  Alex T. Wilson
Updated  Donald J. Portman
Updated  Jose J. Fernandez-Partagas
Updated  Michel Desbois
Updated  Richard C. Savage

11 Jul 2019

Added     Allan L. Polan
Added     Amihan S. Huesmann
Added     Anthony Artusa
Added     Carl E. Hane
Added     Catherine Watson
Added     Charles R. Trepte
Added     David Anderson
Added     David E. Dietrich
Added     David Faciane
Added     David Lamich
Added     David R. Bachiochi
Added     David S. Niver
Added     Donald E. Allison
Added     Donald J. Portman
Added     Doris D. Hoel
Added     Edward A. Kelly
Added     Edward V. Polhamus
Added     Everett R. Santee
Added     Gary L. Achtemeier
Added     Gary T. Conte
Added     Giovanni Jimenez
Added     Glenn J. Higgins
Added     Glenn Schuster
Deleted   Gordon Harris
Added     Gordon McLeod Harris
Added     Grady Dixon
Added     Harold P. Gerrish
Added     Heng-Yi Weng
Added     Howard H. Hanks
Added     James C. Clary
Added     James E. Buckley
Added     James Havens
Added     Jay S. Fein
Added     Jeffrey D. Duda
Added     John A. Knox
Added     John J. DeLuisi
Added     John T. Allen
Added     Joseph H. Golden
Added     Juan Carlos Jusem
Added     Kenneth L. Davidson
Added     Kenneth W. Campbell
Added     Leonard T. Melfi
Added     Manohar Julka
Added     Marcus L. Buker
Added     Marek J. Rogal
Added     Mark A. Scruggs
Added     Marvin H. Dickerson
Added     Merlin P. Lawson
Added     Michael Kules
Added     Monika Harkey
Added     Muhammed A. Lateef
Added     Nathanial Reynolds
Added     Paul F. Hilton
Added     Paul L. Bailey
Added     Paul L. Moore
Added     Paul Mullenmeister
Added     Peter A. Card
Added     Peter S. Guest
Added     Petros J. Ioannou
Added     Phillip R. Sticksel
Added     Pi-Huan Wang
Added     Randall Cerveny
Added     R. Cecil Gentry
Added     Richard C. Savage
Added     Richard Pastuck
Added     Richard W. Smith
Added     Robbie Hood
Added     Robert C. McArthur
Added     Robert J. Kurzeja
Added     Robert J. Renard
Added     Ronald K. Hadlock
Added     Ronald Nagatani
Added     Shih-In Cho
Added     Stanley E. Asplund
Added     Tay-How Lee
Added     Terry J. Whiteside
Added     Theodore Melkey
Added     Thomas Kitterman
Added     Thomas Roy
Added     Timothy J. Gump
Added     V. Lynn Harvey
Added     V. V. R. Varadachari
Added     W. Alan Bowman
Added     William French
Added     William L. Woodley
Added     William R. Johnson
Added     Yu-wen V. Chang
Updated  Bin Wang
Updated  Donald R. Stranks

27 Dec 2018

Deleted   A. G. McLellan
Added     Alister George McLellan
Added     Basil H. Briggs
Added     Caterina Scarpellini
Added     Eleanor Anne Ormerod
Added     Eleuthere Elie Nicolas Mascart
Deleted   G. J. Fraser
Added     Grace Evangeline Davis
Added     Grahame J. Fraser
Added     Hazel M. Tatro
Added     Henri Claude Benard
Added     Jose J. Fernandez-Partagas
Added     Joseph Boussinesq
Added     Klint Skelly
Deleted   Lloyd Koenig
Added     Lloyd R. Koenig
Added     Marcel Emile Verdet
Added     Max August Siegfried
Deleted   Peter May
Added     Peter T. May
Added     Philip Warren Anderson
Added     Pierre Morel
Added     Robert Sadourny
Added     Sarah Francis Whiting
Added     Thomas Alva Edison
Added     Thomas Jung
Updated  Arnold Sommerfeld
Updated  Charmaine Franklin
Updated  Christoph Schaer
Updated  Gene E. Birchfield
Updated  Isadore Perlman
Updated  Jean-Luc Redelsperger
Updated  J. J. R. MacLeod
Updated  Robert A. Vincent
Updated  Rudolf F. A. Clebsch
Updated  Wayne E. Sangster
Updated  Woldemar Voigt

01 Dec 2018

Added     Enrique Samatan
Added     Ernest Hugo Berbery
Added     Ernesto E. Galloni
Added     Fran Bosnjakovic
Added     Karl-Friedrich Knoche
Added     Mario Nestor Nunez
Added     Matthew Barlow
Added     Richard Mollier
Added     Stanley David Gedzelman
Updated  Heinz Fissan
Updated  Lewis Don Leet
Updated  Moritz Schroter
Updated  Rosa G. de Pena
Updated  William L. Donn

19 Nov 2018

Added     Adam Edson
Added     Alejandro Soto
Added     Alex Burrows
Added     Alfredo Ruiz-Barradas
Added     Andrew Ballinger
Added     Anna Laraia
Added     Argyro Kavvada
Added     Baird Langenbrunner
Added     Bettina Meyer
Added     Bin Guan
Added     Cheikh Mbengue
Added     Chia Chou
Added     Ching-Yee Chang
Added     Christopher B. Field
Added     Chul Eddy Chung
Added     Clifton Rumery Hall
Added     Colin Kelley
Added     Cory Baggett
Added     Daniela Cocchi
Added     Diana Bernstein
Added     Elena Scardovi
Added     Erica Staehling
Deleted   Erica Staeling
Added     Gang Chen
Added     Gretchen Keppel-Aleks
Added     Hailan Wang
Added     Harold A. Mooney
Added     Henry Chandler Cowles
Added     Henry J. Oosting
Added     Ho-Hsuan Wei
Added     Hsin-Hsin Syu
Added     Huang Yang
Added     Hui Wang
Added     James Randerson
Added     Jennifer Walker
Added     Jesse Steinweg-Woods
Added     Jia-yuh Yu
Added     Jingqiang Chen
Added     John Edwin Pomfret
Added     John Merle Coulter
Added     Johnny W.-B. Lin
Added     Junyi Chai
Added     Kathleen Schiro
Added     Katrina Hales
Added     Kevin Quinn
Added     Kye-Hwan Kim
Added     Luca Autieri
Added     Mark Richardson
Added     Mark Roulston
Added     Massimo Bollasina
Added     Natalie Thomas
Added     Nicholas Lutsko
Added     Ni Dai
Added     Nir Krakauer
Added     Paul Wennberg
Added     Qian Li
Added     Ray Yamada
Added     Robert Gurney
Added     Robert McNutt McElroy
Added     Robert Wills
Added     Rolando Rizzi
Added     Sai Bhalachandran
Added     Salil Mahajan
Added     Scott Weaver
Added     Simona Bordoni
Added     Stefan Sobolowski
Added     Stephen Baxter
Added     Tarun Verma
Added     Tobias Bischoff
Added     Todd Mooring
Added     Wenjie Weng
Added     Wenyu Zhou
Added     William Dwight Billings
Added     William Skinner Cooper
Added     William Starr Myers
Added     Xavier Levine
Added     Xiaojie Zhu
Added     Xiaoqiong Sage Li
Added     Xiyue Zhang
Added     Xuan Ji
Added     Yi-Hung Kuo
Added     Ying Dai
Added     Yongjing Zhao
Added     Yutian Wu
Added     Zhihong Tan
Updated  David M. Ludlum
Updated  Frederic Laliberte
Updated  Juliana Dias
Updated  Scott Simcox
Updated  Timothy Merlis

24 Oct 2018

Added     Alexander Obukhov
Added     Andrei Monin
Added     Andrey N. Kolmogorov
Added     Dmitri Egorov
Added     Nikolai Bugaev
Added     Nikolai Luzin

20 Oct 2018

Added     Edmond Bouty
Added     Edmond Rothe
Added     Jules Jamin
Updated  Teodor Kopcewicz

08 Oct 2018

Added     David M. Ludlum
Added     Gosta Walin
Added     Heinrich Alexander Pagenstecher
Added     Jacques Testud
Added     Marcus Lofverstrom
Added     Thomas P. Grazulis
Updated  Daren Lv
Updated  Frank Roux
Updated  Friedrich Ratzel
Updated  Istvan Geresdi
Updated  Johan Nilsson
Updated  Loren W. Crow
Updated  Michel Chong
Updated  Mikio Miyake

02 Oct 2018

Added     Albert Waldvogel
Added     Bjorn Baschek
Added     Charles Baltay
Added     Eszter Barthazy
Added     Eugene Meyer-Peter
Added     Friedrich Wilhelm Paul Gotz
Added     Hans Richner
Added     Hans Ulrich Dutsch
Added     Horace D. Taft
Added     John Leslie Stollery
Added     Katty Huang
Added     Neil Sargent
Added     Peter J. Robinson
Deleted   Peter Robinson
Added     Philip E. Merilees
Added     Remo Dietlicher
Added     Richard Asselin
Added     Robert David
Added     Roberto Rondanelli
Added     Roger W. Daley
Updated  Colin Wood
Updated  Hereward L. Cooke
Updated  Howard Turner Barnes
Updated  Jean-Frederic Lugeon
Updated  Keith G. Henderson
Updated  Thomas H. Warn
Updated  William A. Cooper

26 Sep 2018

Added     Alyssa R. Atwood
Added     Arnaud Czaja
Added     Claude J. Frankignoul
Added     Daniel Repeta
Added     Elmer P. Kohler
Added     Friedrich Ludwig Stegmann
Added     George S. Hammond
Added     Heinrich Franz Peter Limpricht
Added     Ira Remsen
Added     Jacques Nihoul
Added     James Bryant Conant
Added     Jean-Frederic Lugeon
Deleted   Jean Lugeon
Added     Julian Sachs
Added     Nicholas J. Turro
Added     Paul D. Bartlett
Added     Rhys Parfitt
Added     Robert B. Gagosian
Added     Wilhelm Rudolph Fittig
Updated  Max Schuepp

22 Sep 2018

Added     Aleksandra Kardas
Added     Alexander Goldstein
Added     Andrzej Wyszogrodzki
Added     Aniela Dziewulska-Losiowa
Added     Anna Jaruga
Added     Brett T. Hoover
Added     Dariusz Baranowski
Added     Donal Murtagh
Added     Dorota Jarecka
Added     Herbert B. Squire
Added     Huu Nguyen
Added     Janusz Borkowski
Added     Janusz Jaroslawski
Added     Janusz Krzyscin
Added     Jerzy Krasinski
Added     Joanna Remiszewska
Added     Joanna Slawinska
Deleted   Kamal Kumar Saha
Added     Krzysztof Markowicz
Added     Lech Lobocki
Added     Malgorzata Zdunek
Added     Marcin Kurowski
Added     Marcin Witek
Added     Michal Posyniak
Added     Miroslaw Andrejczuk
Added     Olga Zawadzka
Added     Piotr Banat
Added     Piotr K. Smolarkiewicz
Added     Piotr Rasinski
Added     Richard V. Southwell
Added     Tadeusz Stacewicz
Added     Wojciech W. Grabowski
Added     Zbigniew Piotrowski
Updated  Adolph Strecker
Updated  August Wilhelm von Hofmann
Updated  Carl Ernst Heinrich Schmidt
Updated  Caroline Leck
Updated  Gijs Koppers
Updated  John K. Harvey
Updated  Kim Holmen
Updated  Martin Ridal
Updated  Tristan Hall
Updated  Ulla Hammarstrand

08 Jul 2018

Added     Andre Zuber
Added     August Wilhelm von Hofmann
Added     Donald R. Stranks
Added     Francis Cowles Frary
Added     George Bell Frankforter
Added     Gordon Harris
Added     Irving Langmuir
Added     James Henry Eddy
Added     Otto Wallach
Added     Wolfgang Von Hoyningen-Huene
Updated  Alfons Schwarzenboeck
Updated  Jacek Stegman
Updated  Jorg Gumbel
Updated  Manfred Wendisch
Updated  Robert von Mohl
Updated  Stephen F. Lincoln
Updated  Walter L. Badger
Updated  William Hultz Walker

04 Jul 2018

Added     Friedrich Dolezalek
Added     Irving Langmuir
Added     Robert Erastus Wilson
Added     Steven Hoffert
Added     William Hultz Walker
Updated  Daniel P. Barnard
Updated  John Bailey
Updated  Jonas Nycander
Updated  Young-June Han

28 Jun 2018

Added     Anyu Wang
Added     Ashley Weatherall
Deleted   Bob Plant
Added     Branko Grisogono
Added     Bruce Fegley, Jr.
Added     Bryan Booth
Added     C. M. H. Unal
Added     Daniel Gessman
Added     Dante Lauretta
Added     Emily Cerrito
Deleted   Erik Kjellstom
Added     Erik Kjellstrom
Added     Erin Floto
Added     Franz-Josef Lubken
Added     Gerhard Schmitz
Added     Graham A. Tobin
Added     Gunilla Svensson
Added     Harrie S. Massey
Added     Heather Key
Added     Heiner Kornich
Added     Ignacio Rodriguez-Iturbe
Added     Jacek Stegman
Added     Jehuda Neumann
Added     Johan Kleman
Added     Johan Nilsson
Added     John Leonard Culhane
Added     Jonas Nycander
Added     Justin Hartnett
Added     Kamal Kumar Saha
Added     Kerri Dickey
Added     Kristofer Doos
Added     Leilani Paxton
Added     Lindsay Rice
Deleted   Lisa Bernardet
Added     Markus Rapp
Added     Matthew Pasek
Added     Matthew Stanely
Added     Michael Birse
Added     Pascale Delecluse
Added     Peter A. Taylor
Added     Peter K. Kitanidis
Added     Peter Sigray
Deleted   Peter Taylor
Added     Rafael L. Bras
Added     Randall Hergert
Added     Robert L. F. Boyd
Added     Robert S. Plant
Added     Saleh Wasimi
Added     Vujica M. Yevjevich
Updated  Daniel Halperin
Updated  Diar Hassan
Updated  Dmitri Moisseev
Updated  Erez Weinroth
Updated  Hanna Pawlowska
Updated  Ian Boutle
Updated  Ian M. Mason
Updated  Jaime Auletta
Updated  Jennifer M. Collins
Updated  Kristina Eneroth
Updated  Martin Crane
Updated  Nicolas Viltard
Updated  Petri Raisanen
Updated  Roni Avissar
Updated  Teodor Kopcewicz
Updated  Thomas E. Hoffer
Updated  Yan Delaure
Updated  Zhiben Gong

25 Jun 2018

Added     Abraham Gagin
Added     Abram Fedorovich Ioffe
Added     Alfonso Sutera
Added     Alfred Brian Pippard
Added     August Gottlieb Spangenberg
Added     Caroline Leck
Added     Christiaan Hendrik Damen
Added     Daniel Albert Wyttenbach
Added     David Bierens de Haan
Added     David Shoenberg
Added     Ehrhard Raschke
Added     Erez Weinroth
Added     Floris Takens
Added     Gideon Janus Verdam
Added     Gregor Wentzel
Deleted   Humphrey Lean
Added     Humphrey W. Lean
Added     Jacob de Gelder
Added     Johannes Mueller
Added     John Ryder Waldram
Added     Leif Enger
Added     Michael Tjernstrom
Added     M. P. Singh
Added     Nicolaas Hendrik Kuiper
Added     Nitsa Haikin
Added     Peter Duffett-Smith
Added     Pieter Hendrik Schoute
Added     Pieter Nieuwland
Added     Pinhas Alpert
Added     Pyotr Kapitsa
Added     Res Jost
Added     Rodrigo Caballero
Added     Roni Avissar
Added     Simon Speijert van der Eyk
Added     Ulf Hogstrom
Added     Walter Brian Harland
Deleted   W. Brian Harland
Added     Wilhelm Roentgen
Added     Willem van der Woude
Added     Yitzhak Mahrer
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Updated  Daniel Rosenfeld
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Updated  Jonas Mortin
Updated  Maithili Sharan
Updated  Martin Bott
Updated  Raza Muhammad Ranjha
Updated  Sian Lane
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Updated  W. Gareth Rees

22 Jun 2018

Added     Abubakr Salih
Added     Admir Creso Targino
Added     Ake Johansson
Added     Alberto Rondon
Added     Alexander G. McAdie
Added     Anders Bjorkstrom
Added     Anders Engstrom
Added     Andreas Jonsson
Added     Ann-Christine Engvall
Added     Anneli Hallberg
Added     Annica Ekman
Added     Bodil Karlsson
Added     Christer Johansson
Added     Cian Woods
Added     Claes de Serves
Added     Dance Zurovac-Jevtic
Added     Douglas Nilsson
Added     Elias Valur Holm
Added     Elmer E. Hall
Added     Erik Kjellstom
Added     Ernest Atkinson Hodgson
Added     Faisal Saeed Syed
Added     Frida A-M. Bender
Added     Geirmundur Arnason
Added     Georgia Sotiropoulou
Added     Georg Witt
Added     Gerhard Erbes
Added     Gijs Koppers
Added     Hans-Christen Hansson
Added     Harald Lejenas
Added     Henning Rodhe
Deleted   Hilding Sundquist
Added     Hilding Sundqvist
Added     Hong Lin
Added     Howard B. Ross
Added     Ingemar Holmstrom
Added     James B. Macelwane
Added     Jenny Brandefelt
Added     Jenny Lindvall
Added     Joakim Kjellsson
Added     Joakim Langner
Added     Johan Liakka
Added     Johannes Karlsson
Added     Johan Strom
Added     John Hanley
Added     Jonas Hedin
Added     Jonas Mortin
Added     Jorg Gumbel
Added     Joseph Sedlar
Added     Jose W. Melgarejo
Added     Karl-Goran Karlsson
Added     Kim Holmen
Added     Klaus D. Beheng
Added     Klaus Wyser
Added     Koen Hendrickx
Added     Kristina Eneroth
Added     Kristoffer Hultgren
Added     Lars Gidhagen
Added     Laura Gallardo Klenner
Added     Lennart Granat
Added     Lennart Thaning
Added     Linda Megner
Added     Linus Magnusson
Added     Lisa Bengtsson
Added     Magnus Lindskog
Added     Magnuz Engardt
Added     Manfred Laube
Added     Marco Seifert
Added     Margareta Hansson
Added     Martin Ridal
Added     Mats Hamrud
Added     Michael Norman
Added     Nedjeljka Zagar
Added     Nils Gustafsson
Added     Oskar Parmhed
Added     Paul Glantz
Added     Pierre Welander
Added     Radovan Krejci
Added     Raza Muhammad Ranjha
Added     Robert Sigg
Added     Rolf Soderlund
Added     Rune Grand Graversen
Added     Shuting Yang
Added     Stefan Gollvik
Added     Stefan Lossow
Added     Stefan Soderberg
Added     Svante Bodin
Added     Thomas Hede
Added     Ulla Hammarstrand
Added     Xiang-Yu Huang
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Updated  Edwin P. Adams
Updated  Jon Egill Kristjansson
Updated  Lewis Don Leet
Updated  Lionel Simeon Marks
Updated  Peter Tunved
Updated  Zhu Kezhen

12 Jun 2018

Added     Andreas Acrivos
Added     James Archibald Douglas
Deleted   Janet Barlow
Added     Janet F. Barlow
Deleted   Kent F. Evans
Added     Richard Giles Harrison
Added     Robert Sausen
Added     William Joscelyn Arkell
Added     William Stuart McKerrow
Updated  Christian Schonwiese
Updated  Humphrey Lean
Updated  John F. Dewey
Updated  Jost Heintzenberg
Updated  Manfred Wendisch
Updated  Peter Spichtinger
Updated  Russ Erik Davis
Updated  Sian Lane
Updated  Volkmar Wirth
Updated  Young-June Han

08 Jun 2018

Added     Alejo Sanchez Alias
Added     Ali Azimi-Zonooz
Added     A. Vaughn Havens
Added     Bo Chen
Added     Bong-Chul Seo
Added     Brian Richard Nelson
Added     Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman
Added     Connie Chunyan Liu
Deleted   C. V. Raman
Added     David Andrew Bella
Added     David Husain
Added     David S. Bowles
Added     Dong-Jun Seo
Added     Edward Swiatopelka-Czetwertynskie
Added     Emad H. Habib
Added     Grzegorz Jan Ciach
Added     J. A. Crowther
Added     Jae-Soo Lee
Added     Jeffrey Hafferman
Added     Jeffrey R. McCollum
Added     John Paul Riley
Added     Linden S. Wolf
Deleted   Linden Wolf
Deleted   Lindsen S. Wolf
Added     Luciana Cunha
Added     Mark N. French
Added     Mekonnen Gebremichael
Added     Mircea Grecu
Added     Mohamed ElSaadani
Added     Piotr Domaszczynski
Added     Pisharoth Rama Pisharoty
Added     Pradeep Mandapaka
Added     Renato Frasson
Added     Thomas Ringgold Camp
Added     Tibebu Ayalew
Deleted   Ukichiro Nakaya
Added     Vaughn E. Hansen
Added     William E. Dobbins
Added     William J. Grenney
Added     Zdzislaw Kaczmarek
Updated  G. C. Asnani
Updated  Jerry Travis Bevans
Updated  John M. C. Plane
Updated  R. Ananthakrishnan
Updated  William E. Marlatt
Updated  Witold Krajewski

28 May 2018

Added     Albert Antonie Nijland
Added     A. T. (Dick) Grove
Added     Athelstan F. Spilhaus
Deleted   Athelstan Spilhaus
Deleted   Bill Rossow
Added     Carl E. Sagan
Added     Charles Drummond Ellis
Added     Cornelius Hubertus Carolus Grinwis
Added     C. V. Raman
Added     Daniel P. Barnard
Deleted   D. P. Barnard
Added     Ejnar Hertzsprung
Added     Frederik Kaiser
Added     Gerard P. Kuiper
Added     Hans Benndorf
Added     Hans Schrepfer
Added     Hans Wilhelm Geiger
Added     Helmut Pichler
Added     Herbert E. Gregory
Added     James Chadwick
Added     Jean Abraham Chretien Oudemans
Added     Johann Feichter
Added     John Walter Gregory
Deleted   Julie Mireiile Theriault
Added     Julie Mireille Theriault
Deleted   Kirk Bryan
Added     Kirk Bryan, Jr.
Added     Kirk Bryan, Sr.
Added     Otto Burkard
Added     P. S. Salvekar
Added     R. Ananthakrishnan
Added     Richard Pearson, Jr.
Added     Robert R. Long
Added     Ronald A. Heath
Added     Ronald E. Stewart
Deleted   Ronald Heath
Deleted   Ron Stewart
Added     Willem Kapteyn
Added     William B. Rossow
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Updated  Alfred Merz
Updated  Andreas von Ettingshausen
Updated  Anton von Storck
Updated  August Kunzek
Updated  Chris J. Merchant
Updated  Conrad Payne Mook
Updated  Dennis Feltgen
Updated  Douglas R. MacAyeal
Updated  Felix Exner
Updated  Ferdinand Jakob Redtenbacher
Updated  Francesco Rossetti
Updated  Franz-Serafin Exner
Updated  Friedrich Hasenohrl
Updated  Friedrich Simony
Updated  Fritz Gygax
Updated  Gabor Szabo
Updated  Georg Joseph Beer
Updated  Georg von Peuerbach
Updated  Harindra Joe S. Fernando
Updated  Hoyt C. Hottel
Updated  Ignaz Lindner
Updated  Jakob Milich
Updated  James E. Miller
Updated  James MacDonald Holmes
Updated  James R. McDonald
Updated  Johannes Muller Regiomontanus
Updated  Johannes von Gmunden
Updated  John A. Chalmers
Updated  John M. C. Plane
Updated  Josef Redtenbacher
Updated  Josef Stefan
Updated  Joseph Barth
Updated  Joseph Franz von Jacquin
Updated  Julius von Hann
Updated  Karl Ferdinand Herzfeld
Updated  Karoly Than
Updated  Kishor C. Mehta
Updated  Ludwig Boltzmann
Updated  Luiz A. T. Machado
Updated  Max Margules
Updated  Melissa Cholette
Updated  Miklos Szakall
Updated  Nikolaus Joseph von Jacquin
Updated  Owen E. Thompson
Updated  Paul Ehrenfest
Updated  Paul S. Schopf
Updated  Philip Stier
Updated  Richard McNider
Updated  Robert P. Sharp
Updated  Stefan Rahmstorf
Updated  Tim Shirtcliffe
Updated  Viktor von Lang
Updated  Wilhelm Trabert
Updated  William McKenzie

24 May 2018

Added     Adolf Ebel
Added     A. G. McLellan
Added     Alan G. Smith
Added     Alan N. Campbell
Added     Alfred Hettner
Added     Andrei Alexandrovich Grigoryev
Deleted   Andrei Grigor'ev
Added     Arthur Francis Buddington
Added     Arthur John Allmand
Added     Bernard P. Zeigler
Deleted   Bernard P. Ziegler
Added     Charles Henry Smyth, Jr
Added     C. Harvey Sorum
Added     Conrad Payne Mook
Added     Donald K. Edwards
Added     Edgar Wendell Hewson
Added     Enrico Betti
Added     Eugene-Charles Catalan
Added     Francis Craig Krauskopf
Added     Frederick G. Donnan
Deleted   Freidrich Ratzel
Added     Friedrich Ratzel
Added     Georg Bredig
Added     George Jobberns
Added     Georg Gerland
Added     Giuseppe Doveri
Added     G. J. Fraser
Added     Gregory A. Postel
Added     Gregory Chioniadis
Added     Harry Hammond Hess
Added     Ivan Catton
Added     James Dungan Smith
Added     James Furman Kemp
Added     James Henri Walton, Jr
Deleted   J. Dungan Smith
Added     Jerry Travis Bevans
Added     John C. Maxwell
Added     John Norman Rayner
Deleted   John Rayner
Added     John Strong Newberry
Added     Joseph Liouville
Added     Josias Christoph Neander
Added     Kamal al Din Ibn Yunus
Added     Kari E. J. Lehtinen
Added     Kultegin Aydin
Added     Lindsen S. Wolf
Added     Louis Albrecht Kahlenberg
Added     Louis Jacques Thenard
Added     Markku Kulmala
Added     Melvin N. A. Peterson
Added     Michel Chong
Added     Nasir al-Din al-Tusi
Added     Richard C. Preece
Added     Richard J. Harding
Added     Robert Valentine Dunkle
Added     Ronald S. Waters
Added     Shams ad-Din Al-Bukhari
Added     Sharaf al-Din al-Tusi
Added     Su-Tzai Soong
Added     Theobald Fischer
Added     Thomas H. Warn
Added     Vito Volterra
Added     Vladislav A. Ivanov
Deleted   Vladislav N. Ivanov
Added     Waldemar Lindgren
Added     Walter Harry Newhouse
Added     William J. Moroz
Added     William M. Hall
Deleted   W. J. Moroz
Added     Yuh-Lang Lin
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Updated  Charles Hermite
Updated  Christopher M. Taylor
Updated  Delbar P. Keily
Updated  Dennis A. Trout
Updated  Ellen Churchill Semple
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Updated  George DeVore
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Updated  Henry Leighton
Updated  Ilona Riipinen
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Updated  Johann Rhetius
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Updated  Simon Lamb
Updated  S. Mostafa Ghiaasiaan
Updated  Theodore Metochites
Updated  Timothy Miner
Updated  William Barry Johnston
Updated  William E. Marlatt
Updated  Young-June Han

20 May 2018

Added     Alan W. Brewer
Added     Anastassia Makarieva
Added     Andre Berger
Added     Chang-Wang Tu
Added     Franz Arthur Friedrich Schuster
Added     Friedrich Wilhelm Georg Kohlrausch
Added     George Clarke Simpson
Added     George Davis Louderback
Added     Henri Delacroix
Added     Ilia Afanasevich Kibel
Added     Irving Langmuir
Added     Jean-Paul Sartre
Added     Jiu-Zhang Zhao
Added     Marie Curie
Added     Milutin Milankovitch
Added     Paul De Vivies
Added     Pavel Molchanov
Added     Philip G. Drazin
Added     Robert M. White
Added     Roger Revelle
Added     Stefania Maracineanu
Added     Ukichiro Nakaya
Added     V. G. Gorshkov
Added     Walther Hermann Nernst
Added     Yevgeney K. Federov
Added     Zhu Kezhen
Updated  Bao-Zhen Zhu
Updated  Bin Wang
Updated  Clarence L. Meisinger
Updated  David M. Burridge
Updated  Sakuhei Fujiwhara

10 May 2018

Deleted   A. Delman
Added     Adolf Friedrich Wichard Sprung
Added     Adolph Strecker
Added     Alan Delman
Deleted   Alan Tangren
Added     Alexander Beck
Added     Alexander Buchan
Added     Alfred Philippson
Added     Andreas Doernbrack
Added     Anthony Michael Starfield
Added     Arthur Berson
Added     Benjamin Apthorp Gould
Added     Bernhard Riemann
Added     Bogdan Baranowski
Deleted   Bruce D. Doddridge
Added     Bruce G. Doddridge
Added     Carl I. Aspliden
Added     Cato Maximilian Guldberg
Added     Christian Gerthsen
Added     Christian Gottlob Heyne
Added     Christian Junge
Added     Christian Wilhelm Kustner
Added     Colin Edward Cherry
Added     David Greenland
Added     David Harris Jacobson
Added     David Quinn Mayne
Deleted   D. Dubofsky
Added     Dean Dubofsky
Added     Denison Olmsted
Added     Denis Oswald Jordan
Added     Dieter Smidt
Added     Donald G. Yerg
Added     Eberhard Ruprecht
Added     Elias Loomis
Added     Erland Kallen
Added     Ernst Laas
Added     Ferdinand von Richthofen
Added     Frank Hagar Bigelow
Added     Franz Linke
Added     Friedrich Adolf Trendelenburg
Added     Georg Balthazar von Neumayer
Added     George Sylvester Morris
Added     Georg Hermann Quincke
Added     Georg Ludwig Koenig
Added     Gustav Heinrich Wiedemann
Added     Hans Christian Oersted
Added     Heinrich Gutersohn
Added     Henrik Mohn
Added     Henry Helm Clayton
Added     Immanuel Kant
Added     Ionel Michael Navon
Added     James Pollard Espy
Added     Jan Popielawski
Added     Jean Lugeon
Added     Johann August Bach
Added     Johann August Ernesti
Added     Johann Franz Buddeus
Added     Johann Friedrich Christ
Added     Johann Matthias Gesner
Added     Johann Peter von Ludewig
Added     John A. Johnson
Added     John E. Hay
Added     John Farrar
Added     John H. Coates
Added     John Hugh Westcott
Added     John K. Harvey
Added     John Masson Gulland
Deleted   John Mentieth
Added     John Monteith
Added     Josiah Royce
Added     Karl Gottlieb Knorre
Added     Karl Otto Munnich
Added     Karl Reinhold
Added     Karl Schmidt
Added     Karl Theodor Reye
Added     Kazimierz Guminski
Added     Leon Philippe Teisserenc de Bort
Added     Ludwig A. Colding
Added     Martin Dameris
Added     Martin Knutzen
Added     Mieczyslaw Centnerszwer
Added     Niels H. C. Hoffmeyer
Added     Norbert Wiener
Added     Olga Henneberg
Added     Paul Gerhard Natorp
Added     Paul Volkmann
Added     Percival Albert Sheppard
Added     Peter Fabian
Added     Peter Waage
Added     Philip Lenard
Added     Raymond J. Deland
Added     Richard Assman
Added     Robert FitzRoy
Added     Robert G. Bachman
Added     Robert G. LaFleur
Added     Robert Robinson
Added     Rudolf Gustav Karl Lempfert
Added     Samuel Stryk
Added     Shepard W. Lowman
Added     Stefan Helmut Doerr
Added     Stefan Pienkowski
Added     Stephen F. Lincoln
Added     Steven T. Massie
Added     Theodor Hesselberg
Added     Walther Kossel
Added     Wilhelm Eduard Weber
Added     Wilhelm von Bezold
Added     William Barry Johnston
Added     William Clement Ley
Added     William C. Redfield
Added     William Henry Perkin, Jr.
Added     Yeong-jer Lin
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