Meteorology / Atmos. Science
Academic Family Tree

Robert Hart1 and Josh Cossuth2
1Department of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Science, FSU

Photos above (L-R): C. Rossby, H. Riehl, J. Simpson, J. Charney, P. Austin, S. Syono, Sir B. J. Mason, V. Bjerknes

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  • Version 20130213-post1800 is the version that appeared in the BAMS article cited below.
  • The PDF and SVG files are searchable by text (name, year, institution).
  • However, you will have to zoom between 200-300% to read the text, depending on your eyesight and the version of the tree displayed.
  • For searching for names within the familytree, we strongly recommend Inkscape, Firefox or Google Chrome on the SVG versions. For printing, we recommend either version.
  • You should view the PDF files OUTSIDE of a web browser. Save to your machine, and then open in the viewer.
  • If you can't see any text when you zoom, then your reader settings may need to be adjusted, or you may need to try a different reader.
  • If you KNOW are you in the tree, but a search on your name in the PDF fails, this could be due to a bug in the PDF reader you are using (Adobe in particular in Windows). Please try a different PDF viewer before emailing us! Alternatively, view the SVG version of the tree in Google Chrome, Firefox or Inkscape, which we strongly recommend anyway.
  • We are extremely grateful to the contributors to this lineage, and equally thank the Mathematics Geneaology Project (in particular Mitch Keller) for their database and guidance.
  • Dashed connections in the files are unofficial connections created by the Mathematics Genealogy Website Project based upon their research.
  • We are eternally grateful to the developers of the GraphVIZ software (in particular 'dot') for permitting the visualization of this tree.
  • Use of the above files in a talk or subsets of the files in a talk is encouraged as long as the original BAMS publication is cited:

    Hart, R. E. and J. H. Cossuth, 2013: A Family Tree of Tropical Meteorology's Academic Community
    and its Proposed Expansion. Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., 94, 1837-1848.

  • Finally, if you are not in the tree and should be, please don't take offense. This is completely volunteer work and our ability to add everyone who should be in the tree is limited by our free time. Please help us by contributing your information or that of your peers.